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Project Description

S/Y Barcolana50: New Built 2018


Built in 2018, designed by Federico Lenardon

Barcolana 50 is inspired by the traditional small Adriatic boat called „Passera“. These boats sailed usually along the northern Adriatic sea since 1850 until now. The main characteristics of Barcolana 50 are a small displacement, only 750 kg full rigged, a big beam and a big sail plan with the same proportion between the main and the jib as the old Passere from Lussino.

The fine line of the bow and the „V“ shape of the transom give a good speed with the low wind conditions of Adriatic sea, the traditional keel gives a good seaworthiness and a stable course with strong wind too. The draft of the hull is very short, only 35 cm, with the alluminium centerboard up. The keel has 280 kg of outside ballast in the central part, the strait profile is perfect to put the boat on the trail. The deck is simply and in the watertight and self empty cockpit there is the entrance to the fore part of the boat with a little varnished deckhouse.

Overall length: 6.20 m
Maximum breadth: 2.44 m
Draught: 0.35 m (1,65 m with lowered keel)
Displacement: 0.75 t.
Sail plan: 34.6 m²

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