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Project Description

S/Y AA38’: New Built 2008


Built in 2008, designed by Maurizio Cossutti (concept by Mauro Pelaschier and AATS)

Built using patented AATS technology. Iroko laminate keelson. 3 elm frames. 3 layer planking in red cedar wood lamellate: 1st internal longitudinal, 2nd and 3rd crossed diagonally, total thickness 23 mm. Beam in elm on a plywood and PVC sandwich decking. Carbon mast. Marconi sloop rigging. Elm interiors.

Overall length: 11.5 m
Maximum breadth: 3.8 m
Draught: 1.3 m (2.5 m with lowered keel)
Displacement: 4.9 t.
Sail plan: 90 m