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Every boat has a special place in the heart of their owners.

For some people a boat means freedom, peace and tranquility, for others it relays prestige and a sense of luxury. Some love the tranquility serenity the open sea offers, and others enjoy the water as a sports and  entertainment area. Others again need a boat to follow their daily business requirements and duty. Therefore, offering the highest possible level of safety and security on our designs as well as on build quality design and comfort are our highest objectives.

We, at Cantiere Alto Adriatico 1977 we, respect each and every  single approach to our owners maritime requirements because we love boats and yachts as much as you do. For that reason, we always intend to make sure we understand the owners wishes in order  to satisfy his needs and his wishes concerning each work on the boat.

Our job does not end at the design and construction of boats, but also includes support in the choice of interior materials and finishings. Using precious materials – wood, fiberglass, carbon, stone and marble, we strive to make each yacht perfect. We want to make sure every boat which leaves our yards has been specified to each owners wishes.

We put the highest attention to details, starting with the choice of material, the color and the finishing. Our highly experienced professionals understand that something as personal as a boat needs more than care attention to detail – we also need love and passion for what means so much to each of us.


Cantiere Alto Adriatico The entire area of the yard “Cantiere Alto Adriatico” offers:

Two hangars for vessels up to 9m height

18,000 sqm of open space

3,000 sqm of covered working area

Painting area


200 sqm of peer plus working area

60m pier offering 22 berths

Plenty of space for dry dock space

Storage facilities

24h video surveillance & daily control

Core Business

At Cantiere Alto Adriatico 1977 Srl we still believe in the traditional and durable methods.

Established in 1977 the yard „Cantiere Alto Adriatico“ was able to rapidly grew makeits a reputation for itself in matters of wooden boats and wooden interior work. Since then we continue to set the bar constantly improved on the manufacturing of handcrafted wooden sailboats. Over the years Cantiere Alto Adriatico, the yard  has developed a unique layout of vessel design and a highly effective unique sail structure. Together with our clients, we continue to design and develop sailing classics and sporty sailing yachts. Our team of highly skilled professionals and masters then starts with the manufacturing process.

At Cantiere Alto Adriatico 1977 Srl we still believe in the traditional and durable methods of making sail boats. The unique technique of cross-laid wooden braces and strong building allows the yacht to keep a sporty and elegant shape while, at the same time offering space for cabins andinternal storage and cabins.


Over 35 years of skilled expertise has been gained by our dedicated staff through cooperation on projects and cooperation with acclaimed naval architects & designers such as Carlo Sciarrelli, Alessandro Vallicelli, Alessandro Vismara, Carlo Nuvolari & Dan Lenard, German Frers, Maurizio Cossutti, Marco Lostuzzi, Franco Giorgetti, Giovanni Ceccarelli, among others.